Forget about Botox, 2015 is all about the magnetic pulse

Thanks to Naked Fashions contributor Almara Abgarian for testing this out!

It’s finally happened; I’ve started developing wrinkles. At the ripe old age of 25.

Thankfully, I attended an event hosted by Venus Concept last week, where I got the opportunity to try a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment to tighten my skin (whilst enjoying macaroons and cocktails - Venus know how to treat a girl).

The treatment, known as Venus Freeze, uses multi-polar radio frequencies and pulsed magnetic fields to wake up your skin buds (don’t worry, it’s virtually pain-free and feels much like a stone massage on your face). It was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep in the plush room at the Dorchester Hotel. Generally, you need six sessions to receive a long-lasting effect but even after one treatment, I could feel a pleasant tightness to my skin.

There is also a new version, known as the Venus Legacy, which is the first all-in-one workstation that combines multi polar + magnetic pulse (MP) technology.

Venus went all the way with their luxury afternoon, partnering with Neville Hair and Beauty, whose senior stylist gave me some great hair tips, as well as salacious gossip about his super-rich clients. Want to achieve the perfect ‘bed-head’ look? Simply wash your hair, braid it whilst wet and go to bed. In the morning, rake your fingers through it (don’t brush!) and voilà; soultry, sexy ‘I woke up like this’ hair.

But the fun didn’t stop there. After the hair, it was time for make-up. Less is more in my world, and my make up artist agreed. Oh, and ladies – make sure you’ve got the right foundation for your skin tone.

The hair and makeup didn’t last, of course, but my skin actually looks a lot better. And did I mention Cara Delevigne and the models at Milan Fashion Week are fans?  If it works for them…

Check out all the pictures from the event below!