Does blogging lead to more spending?

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As a blogger, I spend day in, day out thinking of new blog posts, reading others blog posts and generally thinking a lot about consuming or buying different things. Most of you will know that I study PR, and one of our assignments this term is to keep track of every single thing we buy and then write a paper evaluating the reasons behind your consumption.

Now, a few people have commented that I am a bit of a shopaholic(can someone please think of a better word) - to say the least. And I can admit that I'm definitely the biggest impulse buyer ever. Example: 'wow this has 70% off I need it.' Nope. No you don't need that (still) expensive t-shirt when you could go buy 3 for the same price. But then, we all have our vices. And mine is to shop.


I wouldn't say blogging makes me spend more, but it does make me think about spending more and make me feel that I need a number of things. For instance, when doing style posts. I can't create outfit posts on items of clothing you can't even buy anymore, can I? Yes, I tend to throw in a few old pieces, but the whole point of showing you guys a new outfit is to inspire you.

And through a subconscious evaluation, it's quite clear that most people in this generation are buying things for the approval of others. Regardless of whether you're a blogger or not, you're not buying something to have it sit in a glass box at home for no one to see. Even a little instagram picture is enough to show you're looking for approval.


Whilst it seems I'm saying everyone spends regardless of whether you blog, I do think blogging is an expensive hobby to have. There is a certain pressure to compete with the 'league' bloggers in terms of equipment,  the actual theme of your blog and domain, and even buying things to create content such as the newest beauty products, a new gadget or food for a new recipe. But for us smaller, newer bloggers, we need to realise that for them, this is a full time job now. A full-time paid job which allows them to buy the things they need to succeed even further. So all in all, whilst blogging can be expensive, it doesn't have to be. There isn't a specific need to feel under pressure and to compete with other bloggers who are actually being paid for their content and over the top themes. And I can't truly say my over-spending habits are down to blogging. What about you?