20 Years Of 55DSL; Tse, Tse!!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/116743767]

Without a doubt the coolest street brand and birth child of Diesel, 55DSL are now celebrating their 20th birthday with a rebranding! And what better way to celebrate their birthday than creating a spectacular documentary looking through the fantastic archives of their amazing brand and sharing every wild and wonderful moment with us all (including The Junior Lucky Bastard - you’ll find out more when you watch!)

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Not only do 55DSL ooze fun, the documentary is shot incredibly. Unlike most documentaries, 55DSL have combined a number of different media formats and have added their sense of fun and humour by using things like an iPad to show their Skype interviews with people.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 15.14.58

The documentary shows the big brand from the little Italian town’s progression from an exclusively action-sports orientated line to a full street-wear range and their key highlights from the last 20 years; including their friendship with The Bloody Beetroots and the (now) iconic image from Gavin Watson that graced their clothing line.

10.55-gavin-watsonAndrea Rosso is a legend in his own right and has collaborated 55DSL with a huge amount of creative talent and should be incredibly proud of his achievements. But what does 55DSL even stand for?! Better watch the documentary to find out. Check it out on the 55DSL site here or at Hypebeast here!