January Beauty Favourites

When the weather's this dull and cold, finding things to blog about can become quite difficult. I've wanted to write a number of outfit posts since I've bought a few good pieces in the last month, but every day is duller than the last when I want to shoot. So bare with me when it comes to outfit posts, there will be some coming soon. January had a lot of new contenders for my beauty favourites as I had a bit of a splurgey December. The best thing I bought was definitely the Liberty beauty advent calendar, and it introduced me to so many good products. I've cut my list down to 3 must-have products (all of which were included in the calendar). As all of them aren't exactly on the cheap side, as they are luxury products, I think if you're going to buy anything this month then it has to be one of these products.

DSC_1785_Fotor First up is the Trish McEvoy line refiner. This was one of the full sized products included in the calendar and my god does it work. I wouldn't exactly say I have 'lines' underneath my eyes but my makeup always seems to collect under them and make me look really tired. Which is where this comes in handy. I put this on underneath my makeup and it completely plumps up the skin making it look more youthful and creaseless. You only need a small amount and the brush applicator allows you to not waste any product. The texture is soft, not sticky in the slightest and dries into the skin immediately, so there's no waiting around to put your makeup on. Whilst £22 sounds like a lot for something you just put under your eyes, the benefits and effects of it are miracle-worthy.

DSC_1838_Fotor DSC_1839_Fotor With this frosty weather, lip balms are a go-to product for me. I've never really bought into the whole expensive lip balm phase and usually opted for a pot of vaseline, until I was introduced to the Oromovicza Perfecting Lip Balm (which I swear has actually made my lips bigger). Another full-sized beauty from the Liberty calendar. The little pot of magic has Hyaluronic filling which swell and the plump the skin to provide lasting hydration. It also claims to increaser lip volume over time - which I can vouch for. I have been using it every morning and evening for the past month or so now and have noticed that my lips haven't been chapped at all and feel incredibly soft and plump. There also seems to be minuscule beads within the formula that helps to exfoliate your lips in the morning.

DSC_1869_Fotor DSC_1870_Fotor Say hello to my scent. Yes after years of searching, I've finally found my ultimate go-to perfume. I've heard a lot of speculation over this perfume and spent months researching reviews and toying with the idea of purchasing it. I even went into Liberty multiple times to try it on. The Escentric Molecules, Molecule 1 perfume is without a doubt the best perfume I've ever tried in my life. This perfume has gave me compliments constantly. Some of the reviews I read said 'I had women chasing me down the street asking what I was wearing' and now I completely understand why. The perfume consists of one single ingredient called Iso E Super. Science people will understand the chemistry behind it but for some reason, the smell changes on every person. Which means it is the most unique smell on the market. When I first tested it in the shop I couldn't smell anything at all but when I got this bottle and used it I noticed quite a woody, masculine scent on my skin. If you're on the market for a new perfume and looking to stand out then I'd definitely give this a sniff.