Life Detox; Beauty is relative

c86e47d4caef5a97bdbe568da8759643I’ve never been one for the chatty blog posts or extensively long writing, yet this year I can’t get enough. My previous post about ‘what is the point in blogging?’ sparked up a lot of conversation and really made me realise how much of a community bloggers have.Social media has a big impact in my blog topics and I regularly keep track of trends within tweets of the people I follow.

Beauty, looks, appearance, whatever you want to call it, has always been a big topic within the media, especially all aspects of social media. I see so many people (myself included) tweeting or instagramming etc their thoughts on their own appearance, or comparing themselves to others such as celebrities or models. And by recognising this trend I also recognised my own downfall, that I am the biggest player in this game of spot the difference.

On my righteous path to a cleaner/healthier 2015, I stumbled onto the topic of beauty. In a world where the media heavily distorts the image of ‘beauty’ for both men and women, it’s no wonder the majority of us are so hung up on unimportant things. The fact is, beauty is relative. Beautiful to one person may not mean the same to another and there really isn’t a definition. I’ve spent years comparing myself to others and whilst I’ll never be completely happy with myself, I can try and reason with these thoughts. 

When I’m having a considerably bad day I try to put it into perspective and realise that my horrendous day could very well be someone’s brilliant day. Whilst this doesn’t help me feel better in myself, it allows me to realise others opinions of me will never be as bad as I feel.

This can also be related to life. As I approach my 21st birthday, I’m thinking of the things I’ve achieved, the decisions I’ve made and what I want to see happen in the future. Whilst I feel I’ve mostly made the right decisions, I can’t help compare my life to others. But why? What we see on the outside does not reflect the inside in any way. As a beauty blogger, I spend the majority of my days piling on makeup as a sort of protection. Like many men and women, without makeup I feel vulnerable and less confident. Yet ‘makeup’ isn’t just the solid form we buy and use, it’s can also be some people’s personalities, a guard they put up to defend themselves against others perceptions in society. But once you take away this makeup and this guard, you realise the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and behind the closed doors, we’re all as vulnerable as one another.

A new year can bring all kinds of feelings. Many of us join the gym (see my ‘healthy 2015 post), some of us think about cutting ties with relationships, whether that be a partners or friends, and a lot of us even think about our career and a change in job. A new year is a chance for new beginnings which is basically a ‘life detox’, and in order to focus on yourself you must remove any negative situations and truly detox. None of these green shakes are going to make you happy, no pills are going to put your career on the right track and a gym membership is most likely going to fester and ruin your bank account. Use this time wisely to not compare yourself to others and remember that one mans meat is another mans poison. etc etc etc.

Now I don’t expect any of you to take this blog post on board, as we are human after all. However, I’d like to think that I can be influenced by my own writing and stop obsessing (ever so slightly) over Kim Kardashian and the rest. Who’s with me?