What's The Point In Blogging?

So after reading a few blogs and having a number of conversations with fellow bloggers, I've kind of come to an standstill with Naked Fashions. Naked-Fashions-logo-final3I started my blog out of force as the degree I was studying required me to do it. But once I left that course, I'd grown to love blogging and wanted to carry it on. I began writing at least one post a week based on fashion news, trends, things I've done and even most recently personal style posts. A lot of bloggers get incredibly personal with their posts which I've never been a fan of. The thought of putting yourself on the line and being completely vulnerable across the internet sounds like the worst thing to me. But then I find the best blogs are incredibly personal, and share their life with the world. Ultimately, we're writing our blogs to be read, so for those people who say 'its not about the followers', then you're lying to yourself. It's not dramatically about the numbers, but for me it's about the engagement. Would you go to the effort to write a book that absolutely nobody reads? And get zero feedback? It's exactly the same with blogging. Here I am thinking and writing blog posts that are (mostly) generic and a twist on other bloggers, inevitably everything has been done before. When you put so much effort into a post and get no feedback or reciprocation from it, it is incredibly disheartening. I mean, the majority of my blog posts have a tonne of questions in them, just like this one for instance! And after speaking to a few other bloggers, it seems to be a common consensus that the more you put in the less you receive. 

However, regardless of the numbers and the conversations that I wish to start, my blog has been a great thing to have on board. Such as job prospects, having a blog shows your determination to stick to something. Whilst we all have these thoughts of giving up, the majority of us stick with it and prove to future employers our capabilities. It can also strengthen a number of skills and techniques such as your writing (obviously), photography, design, and social media!

But here I am weighing out the pros and cons of blogging, when it was clearly right in front of me that blogging has simply evolved. There is a new generation of bloggers and they are the YouTube generation. People want to see the face behind the name, they want to get personal and intrusive and they're becoming too lazy to sit and read through a blog post (Congrats if you've got to this point). I see so many bloggers jumping onto the video bandwagon and excelling in their profession, yet the same problem occurs - Vulnerability. The amount of people who rip YouTuber's to shreds is astounding and although I have an incredibly thick skin, I don't think anything could stop you from being hurt by that. The other thing is - what next? There's only so long YouTube can sustain power in the blogging world. There's bound to be a new platform for creatives to share, even within the next year. Is it too late to move on to YouTube?

I would never give up blogging as I've put far too much effort into it over the years, but I'm interested to see whether a change in posts, appearance and even the times posted can change the statistics.