Social Media Tips For Beginners

The start of a new year means an influx of new bloggers. I know myself that it's super hard to try and keep up to date with everything in the blogosphere, especially with the 'competition' of long-term bloggers.But the best way to get new readers and have your posts be seen is to share share share. Which, to be honest, is probably the most complicated bit. Especially if you don't use much social media previously. Even us long-term bloggers want to know the secret formula to creating retweetable, highly favourited and multiply re-pinned social media posts. However, there really isn’t one answer. Some people luck out and post the perfect one-liner to gain their publicity whilst others get a few hits here and there. Now there are a number of social media channels for you to broadcast your blog on, but which ones are most effective? And when is the best time to share? A number of researchers have found the answer to this which I'm going to share with you in a simple, infographic form.

Facebook I find Facebook the least useful for me. Which is probably because it was the last social media I signed up to. For Facebook, you need to create a 'page' for your blog where you can get 'likes' on your page and post all your blog posts straight to it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.31.43 I find Twitter the most useful of all social media sites. Here you can engage in blogger chats, include hashtags to gain readership from people all over the world and you're forced to keep it short and simple which is a big thing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.31.51 If your blog is very image orientated then Pinterest is brilliant. Read these tips to make the most out of your photos

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.32.08 Everyone struggles with 'when is the best time to post my blog on social media?' For Twitter, I've found these times to be incredibly helpful. I also found '6.30pm' to be a good time as most people have left work by then.

So give these tips a try and let me know if they help!