Christmas on Naked Fashions with Liberty of London

liberty beauty advent calender Myself and everyone from the Naked Fashions team are huge huge fans of Christmas. I love everything about Christmas and get into the spirit of things a little too early on. if you're a longtime fan of the site then you'll remember my 'Winter Series' from last year which started in November.

This year, things are going to be a little different. I'm taking a bit of a backseat when it comes to Christmas posts as I feel it can become a little repetitive. Originally, I wanted to start writing Christmas gift guides for you all, Christmas recipes and other festive themed features. But then I see every blogger doing another variation on the same post and got quite bored by the whole concept. This does not mean I won't be dipping into my guilty pleasures of wish lists and some other themed features, but my blog will predominantly feature the advent calendar.

Although my blog is mainly focused on fashion, I am a BIG fan of beauty. (This year more than ever for some reason). I spend most of my time in awe of the latest beauty products as well as reading beauty blogs every single day.

The Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar has been talked about for months now and advertised everywhere - all my favourite sites are talking about it. So I thought this year I would take a different twist on festive themed posts and show you guys something special.

I took the plunge and purchased the Liberty of London advent calendar for £150, which sounds a lot to most people but in the grand scheme of things is really a bargain. The calendar features Liberty's best selling products as well as vouchers at Liberty. The complete cost of the products included comes to £420 which to me makes spending the £150 a little easier.

The calendar is a piece of art in itself. Those who follow me on Instagram (Nakedfashionss) will have seen my picture yesterday of the front and inside of the calendar. The front and back show a representative illustrated image of Liberty at Christmas - complete with snow. Whilst the inside is plastered with iconic Liberty Hera print and little drawers containing each product.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 14.56.47

So, join me on this exciting journey where I will be unveiling what's inside each drawer everyday from December 1st - 25th. Not only will you be able to see them but I will also be writing a mini review of my first Impressions of each product. It may also give you some ideas for gifts!! (The alternative Christmas gift guide)

liberty beauty advent calendar inside