LACOSTE Footwear SS15 #LiveBeautifully


Lacoste is the epitome of cool and classic, and that is the exact feel you got as soon as you entered their Spring/Summer 2015 footwear press event.

This season, Lacoste has divided their collection in to a selection of themes based upon their sporting origins – Sailing, Tennis and Golf, as well as an additional City look. Despite their many new styles and looks, the signature Lacoste crocodile was very much on the scene.

After being offered a refreshingly minty drink, I was quickly assigned a Lacoste tour guide who led me in to heart of the press event which emerged me in to the world of René Lacoste.


Set out across two floors the Lacoste Footwear SS15 collection was all about functionality, lightness, and sleekness.

The sailing, Tennis and Golf selections introduced a plethora of footwear for men, women and children. There was a predominant mix of super soft cow leather and suede adding a fresh take on Lacoste classics, which were juxtaposed by the city styles.

‘Crafted Silhouettes’ – the name of the city styles- was more focused on a day-to-day essential shoe.

Lacoste’s new collection shows their development as a brand and the broadening footwear range.  The SS15 footwear range lavishly showcases the versatility of high quality materials teamed with essential styles.

I became particularly fond of the mens lavishly coloured iconic driving shoes which during summer could make a real statement BUT my ultimate faves were a pair of black womens lo top trainers in the city collection. From the time that I walked on to the second floor I was attracted to these trainers, which are definitely wardrobe must-have.


Contributor: Patrice Gonzales