DIY: Marble iPhone 6 case

I always have a struggle finding iPhone cases, especially when you get the newest version of the product.I bought my iPhone 5 when it first came out and couldn't find a case for a while, until Marc Jacobs started to release their cases. The same dilemma has happened after I took the plunge and bought my iPhone 6. I haven't come across any designers that have released their versions of the iPhone 6 case so I took it upon myself to make my own - and it can cost as cheap as £3.

I'm a sucker for marble but quite picky when it comes to patterns. I recently bought a roll of sticky-back marble from Ebay for £10. I laid this over my wooden desk and it creates the perfect backdrop for my blog posts. Even better, there is still so much left over. However, you can just find an image of marble on the internet and print it off on good quality paper. You'll also need to buy a clear plastic/rubber iPhone 6 case; I got mine from Amazon for £3.

So follow the below steps to get the perfect iPhone 6 case and let me know what you think!