Stockholm: Top 5 Guide

I've just returned from the most incredible 3 day trip to Stockholm.For years, I've been obsessed with Scandinavia and have wanted to visit Sweden for a long time, so it was such an exciting trip to finally take.

Although we were only there for 3 (very quick) days, we managed to see a lot of the city and discover some lovely places that I'd love to return to.

The following 5 places stood out to me during the trip and they're places I highly recommend to all of you. Especially if you're only going to be in the city for a few days, it is a must to go take a look at these spots.

Papercut - DSC_1525

Situated in a small side street in the bohemian area of Sodermalm is any magazine lovers dream. The shop is a haven for every magazine you've ever thought about and even the ones you didn't know existed. A full wall is plastered with every independent and consumer magazines and extends the whole length of the shop;DSC_1528 It also sells a huge selection of books, DVDs and plenty of city guides. I picked up a copy of Cereal magazine's London City guide, 2 city guides for stockholm & Berlin (which I hope to visit by Summer 2015), a copy of Jalouse which features my favourite model Kiko Mizuhara on the cover and finally, a copy of BAPE magazine for my boyfriend.

Papercut is the first store I've come across to sell BAPE magazine as I'm pretty sure they don't sell it in the UK, which made it even more a winner for me. Easiest way to get there? take the metro to Mariatorget.

Nitty Gritty - nitty gritty Whilst on the same street you can visit one of the most beautiful clothes stores I've ever came across. There are two different stores either side of Papercut, one dedicated to men and the other for women. I am beyond jealous of the clothes men get to wear and tend to dip into their side of things on a regular basis. The store stocked the best mens brands out there (in my opinion) and had the most incredible aesthetics.

Both the man and woman stores were impeccably designed. The interiors featured marble counters, wooden floors and spacious displays; creating the most effortless space for an array of minimalist brands.

The men's store featured brands such as :DSC_1532 Whilst the women's featured brands such as A.P.C, Margaret Howell, Church's and Byredo. 

Herr Judit - unnamed (2) Take a slight detour onto the main road, Hornsgatan and you'll find a strip of lovely shops. (many of which were closed as we came on a Sunday) Herr Judit has three different stores on this strip; one for women, men and a home store which all sell designer, secondhand goods. Although the prices aren't amazingly cheap, I'm sure a good rummage through the rails would find you a bargain. The store which caught my attention most was the home furnishings store. This was filled with a number of different iconic features and additions for your home, including a wide selection of cacti and an extensive art collection. DSC_1542 DSC_1540

Thorildsplan metro station - Stockholm metro stations are an art gallery in themselves. Just wandering through the different stations has you captivated by the array of artwork all over the walls or even just their brilliant light fixtures. The metro station that was nearest to our hotel was the best one I saw. Just jump off and take a look; It features the whole game of pacman and is set against a pale blue wall. unnamed

Skansen museum -DSC_1169 The most Swedish thing I've ever seen. Skansen museum is an open air museum that also features a zoo. It's as if you've stepped into a separate little island which has everything you could ever need - bakery, rides and bears!! Skansen is separated into a number of different areas. The 'town centre' has thatched roof houses all over it that represent different buildings in Sweden from different eras. For example, there is a pottery barn where handmade pottery is made. As well as a bakery which serves freshly made pastries and bread every day. DSC_1207 DSC_1211 The best part about Skansen was the zoo that homed many Scandinavian animals, including moose, brown bears, wolverines (yes real things) and elk. Their surroundings were beautiful, and unlike most zoos they had a vast space to roam about which mimicked their natural environment (the wolves looked as if they lived in a forest).DSC_1346 DSC_1464

All in all, Stockholm was perfect. It's a city I will 100% be returning to and hopefully exploring more over the years. If you have any recommendations, leave them below!