Balmain Nail Varnish Review

DSC_1075 Yet another Balmain review on Naked Fashions! I am completely obsessed with their products. This time, I'll be telling you about their nail varnish set. (Coming up later: dry shampoo and detangling spray) 

The best nail varnish set I've ever laid eyes on. Sticking to the minimal theme of all the Balmain products, the packaging is sleek and to the point. Simple, perfectly sized bottles with little branding. The set usually comes in their beautiful white box which some of my hair products came in but this is now sold out and you have to buy the nail varnishes individually on the site.

The nail varnish come in nude, red and black as well as a matte top coat to go over all 3 colours - which to me, was the best part of the set. The fact you get those 3 colours as well as the option to make them matte is the greatest idea. It's as if you're getting 6 different colours. And the top coat is a really good formula that creates the perfect matte, somewhat velvety finish. I struggle to find nail varnish that lasts; I don't know whether I bash my nails around too much or what, but I have never found a nail varnish to last longer than a day on me. However, after two coats of the colour you're pretty good to go and chip-resistant for around 3 days which completely shocked me. It even lasts around 4 days with the matte top coat. Tip: Make sure your colour is completely, 100% dry, the slightest dampness will transfer the colour onto your matte brush.

Here, I tested the nude nail varnish with the matte top coat. This lasted around a week before having to remove and re-apply. Left rings: Purple stack from Astley Clarke. Right ring: Inherited.

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You can buy the nail varnishes individually on the Balmain webshop!