Would you like to sip champagne from Kate Moss's breast?

Apparently, we're all living a lie.
It is believed that the very first champagne glass looked nothing like the streamline fancy we sip from today. It is rumoured that the first glass was to be moulded from the left breast of Marie Antoinette. 

Now, as history loves to repeat itself, to celebrate Kate Moss's 40th birthday, the restaurant 34 Mayfair  has created a champagne glass moulded from Kate Moss's left breast
The artist, Jane McFadden says the glass is heavily influenced by Art Deco engravings and Kate Moss (obviously). 

Moss will be hosting a party at 34 Mayfair to kick off the celebrations of sipping from her breast and then will be available to drink from at The Club at The Ivy, Daphne's and Scott's
We wonder whether it will purchasable? A few people come to mind when we heard this news...