'Looks Good On Me' app

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Remember the creator of our Naked Fashions illustration, Tatjana Apukhtina? Well, Tatjana is a woman with many, many skills. The list is endless.

Her new adventure is to create an app perfect for those of us who shop alone; this app allows us to bring our friends along virtually and become a jury to what we're thinking of buying. 
Most girls I know tend to take many a selfie when shopping and send it to their friends for approval. So in reality, this app is just taking that idea and making it that little bit more fun, creating a shopping experience for you and your friends wherever they are.

So how does it work?

- Via the app sign your friends up to your ‘fashion jury’.

- Go shopping!

- Try on some clothes and take some selfies. They go out to the entire jury at once.

- Against the clock they vote ‘yes or ‘no’.

- See the overall verdict, and check out individual judgments!

Looks good on me is using Kickstarter to try and fund their app. Every pound you donate will help bring this app to life, which I'm sure would be a huge achievement for Tatjana and her partner Matthew. 
As with all Kickstarter projects, there is an incentive to make you pledge more money. For example, by pledging £45+ you'll receive VIP tickets to the official App launch event in London.

If you'd like to know more about the app & help get it up and running then check it out on Kickstarter