What's in my bag: Travel edition

DSC_0196So the time has finally come for me to jet away for 10 days in pure bliss.Even though I do hate flying I thought I'd show you guys what bag I'll be travelling with and what I'll be putting in my hand luggage. I don't tend to carry much because I'm super lazy and can't be bothered so these are my ultimate essentials.

Firstly, the bag I'm going to be using as hand luggage and throughout most of my holiday is the black leather drawstring backpack from ASOS. It was only £28 but is now unfortunately out of stock! It is fairly spacious and has a zip compartment inside as well as a phone pocket. The zips on the outside do open but they aren't actually pockets.

DSC_0197 Next, I will obviously be taking my IPhone. I am also going to be taking my Nikon 1 camera (but I was using it to take these pictures). My IPhone will be doubling as an iPod and a camera whilst I'm travelling. I can't decide whether to keep my Marc by Marc Jacobs phone case on as usual or to switch back to my Chanel dupe one so thought I'd keep hold of both!

DSC_0203 My Ipad mini. Here you can see it being protected by my Diane Von Furstenberg Ipad case. This was purchased from Matches Fashion (where there is currently a sale) last Christmas. It's keeps your Ipad in a really secure position which will be perfect to take on the beach and it also has compartments for cards and paperwork.

DSC_0202 A new addition to my purse is the Alexander Wang cardholder purchased from The Outnet. It has 2 roomy compartments to fit all my essential cards in. I won't be taking my purse away with me as I use card for everything and don't want to carry around a bulky wallet-type purse.

DSC_0205 DSC_0204 I've had these Ray Ban clubmaster sunglasses for about 4 years now, hence the battered glasses case. But the actual sunglasses themselves have lasted so long and look the same as when I got them. My parent's purchased these for me from the Ray Ban store in New York but you can buy them here from ASOS. Since I'm flying at 6am I obviously won't be using these in the UK. But, as soon as we land in Spain these will be coming out!

DSC_0207 And finally onto makeup - I tend to wear little makeup when travelling as the flight completely dries me out. I found a set of 3 makeup bags from Primark that were 3 different sizes (this being the smallest) and they were only £5 for the set. I don't know about everyone else, but my hands get incredibly dry when flying and even on holiday in general. My favourite hand cream ever has to be this Bath & Body works one in the flavour 'heirloom cranberries'. The smell is divine and lasts forever and the texture of the cream itself isn't greasy or too heavy. I'll be taking my Nars creamy foundation compact to top up my foundation after the flight - it comes with a little sponge as well so I don't need to carry any makeup brushes. My Tom Ford lipstick in Flamingo as I'll be repurchasing this at duty free and want to use the last of it on the flight. Dermalogica cleansing face wipes - To take off the majority of my makeup during the flight so I don't dry out. Rodial glam balm - rose scented and absolute perfection. One of the most moisturising lip balms I've ever used. Eyelure eyebrow pencil - If you know me then you'll know I'm obsessed with my eyebrows. If i'm tired or uncomfortable I always end up rubbing them off so need to keep this with me at all times!

output_dmnagnAnd that is all that will be in my travel bag. I hope you are all going away somewhere lovely! If you have done a similar to this then be sure to leave a link below. :)