Urban Decay 'Naked' palette dupe

I have been using my Urban Decay palette every single day since I bought it (probably around 2 years ago). Yes, I still use the original Naked palette even though two other versions of this have come out since.It's one of those eyeshadow palettes that is completely versatile and can be worn day and night. My obvious two favourite shades are virgin which I always use on my brow bone and sin which is used all over my lid. But it came to the point, around a month ago, where I'd completely ran out of my favourite shades.

I was debating going to buy a new palette just so I had these shades back but I find the Naked palette to be so expensive. So I went on the hunt to look for a high street version.

Sleek eyeshadow palettes and MUA have to be my favourites when it comes to drugstore products. Sleek proved no luck when it came to the perfect dupe but MUA didn't fail me. 20140609-111551-40551597.jpg

This MUA palette was only £4.99 and at that price I didn't even care whether it lived up to Urban Decay. £4.99 for 12 eyeshadow shades?! Even just looking at the palette you can see that the first two shades have so much similarity to Virgin and Sin. And since testing them out, I have fell in love. I use them everyday. The first shade is perfect to highlight your brow bone.


I didn't think the palette had a name but once I started photographing for this post I found out it was called 'Undressed' - I think MUA are being a little clever/sneaky and are actually trying to market this palette as a Naked dupe.

The shades are so pigmented and are easy to build up and blend. But remember that you only need the tiniest bit as your brush picks up so much product when using these.

So if like me you've been on the hunt for the Naked palette dupe, then get down to Superdrug and pick up this beautiful palette!