TOM FORD lipstick: My wonder product

How I had forgotten about my Tom Ford lipstick, I will never know. I purchased this over a year ago from Selfridges and it is by far the best lipstick I have ever tried. DSC_0110_Fotor

Everyone has their 'go-to' product and mine has to be Tom Ford lipstick in shade 'Flamingo'. It is the most flattering eye-catching pink colour on pale skin. When I first bought it, I used it every single day, hence the scratched packaging and little product that is left.

DSC_0123_Fotor Tom Ford lipsticks are heaven. They are super nourishing and the easiest lipsticks to use. They don't drag at all and don't bleed out so there's no need to purchase a lipliner. Even better, the packaging is to die for. The most classic, sleek black case with gold lining that clicks as you close. And the lipstick itself has a little 'TF' embossed on it. (tip: use the back of the lipstick first to keep that TF in condition)

DSC_0108_Fotor If you are looking to treat yourself at all, then definitely purchase one of these lipsticks. I think every beauty fanatic needs to have one. They are considerably pricey, especially for a lipstick. I think when I purchased mine it was around £36, which is unbelievably expensive. In perspective, you can buy a high-end Chanel foundation for that price. BUT like I said, this is a treat. And definitely something that everyone should own. I am going to be wearing this so much over the next few months, (using the very little that is left) which is why it is my only favourite of the month. I will also be re-purchasing in duty free when I go away at the end of June!