Rodial Instaglam Skin Tint Review


If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that I am obsessed with entering competitions, especially when they're beauty related.
One of my favourites brands, Rodial, created a competition for beauty bloggers to win a bottle of their Instaglam Skin Tint. After tweeting them the link to Naked Fashions, I was picked to be one of the winners.


I have wanted to try this skin tint for so long, but with a price tag of £45 and me being a student in London, the chances I had of purchasing this were slim.

Instaglam comes in 3 shades: Capri, St Barts and Rio. I usually struggle when trying to find any foundations, bb creams or tinted moisturisers to match my skin tone. Although I am pale, I have a lot of red tones in my skin and most products look too yellow in comparison to my neck.
However, this colour is perfect. As it is a lighter substance than most foundations it blends easily into my face/neck and is the most perfect colour match I've ever tried (on par with my Illamasqua skin base).

When I first applied Instaglam it looked as if it was clinging to the dry spots on my skin but after a few minutes it settled and left a flawless finish.
The cream is incredibly lightweight and glides over your skin easily, meaning it doesn't sink into any lines or wrinkles you have.
Instaglam is fine enough to look like you have enough makeup on without feeling heavy and without covering natural complexion - for instance, I have a lot of freckles which are usually covered by foundations. Instaglam covers my imperfections but allows my freckles to shine through.
It lasts all day and leaves your skin feeling incredibly hydrated. It also has the added bonus of an SPF of 30. I stayed out in the sun all day and burnt everywhere else other than my face which was covered by this product.
The first day I wore it, I received instant compliments on how well my skin looked.
Below you can see how it looks with the rest of my makeup.

As a student, a £45 price tag is a bit steep for a simple tinted moisturiser. I would much prefer to use this over any foundation, especially in the Summer months. However, with the average foundation costing around £20-30, it is a massive jump for something so simple.
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