Review: Nokia Lumia 1020

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset Known to many as 'the phone with the really good camera', the Nokia Lumia 1020 lives up to its name and more.

I was lucky enough to trial the windows phone for 10 days. 10 days that were full of striking pictures, unlimited music and an iconic look. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, aesthetics are key when it comes to picking something. For instance, I have an iPhone 5 at the moment and the choice between black and white was one I pondered over for a while. (Finally coming to the decision of a clean white frame due to the contrast with my overly black wardrobe).

The Nokia Lumia comes in 3 different colours; I was given the yellow which is unusually striking but in my opinion a bit of an eye sore. For those with an eccentric personality who aren't a fan of muted colours like myself, I'm sure this would be perfect. But for me, the black or white case would have been much more aesthetically pleasing. The thick case is coloured all the way through so any scratches that happen will not effect the colour of your phone.

Onto the basic qualities we look for in a phone: The Nokia has a battery save mode that turns off all apps that are draining the power. This is incredibly handy as we often open apps and don't fully shut them so they are running in the background and draining our power secretly. iPhone users will know (hopefully) that we can also close down apps but this requires individually sliding them away which I am just far too lazy to be doing. Another great feature is the Nokia MixRadio -  I was given a code to get unlimited Nokia MixRadio so I could see the full effect. This enabled me to skip songs as much as I needed, make mixes 'offline', stream lyrics and access my songs anywhere. Users of Spotify premium will be aware of the benefits of this. Being able to quickly access all new songs at your fingertips without having to buy or download is incredibly helpful when on the move. The screen of the Nokia Lumia is very sensitive, which creators of the phone see as a positive. They feel that having a sensitive screen means you can still use your phone whilst wearing gloves or having slightly damp hands. But I noticed that the phone unlocked regularly and could have easily pocket-rung someone. Also, the keypad isn't as smart/fast as an iPhone. It didn't pick up on spellcheck as easy and regularly sent things before I was ready.

Onto the biggest feature of the phone - the incredible 41mp camera. In my eyes, this is kind of a deal breaker. As I don't have a digital camera at the moment, I rely heavily on my phone camera. Various editing softwares allow me to create stunning pictures and the camera on the Iphone is pretty handy. However, you are in a completely different world when it comes to the Nokia Lumia camera. An astonishing 41mp with four different shooting modes; panoramic, pro, smart, video. 

The benefits of the Smart camera are endless and this was probably my favourite one to use. By taking a number of frames for you to choose from you very rarely miss the perfect picture. It then arranges them into best photo, motion photos, changing faces etc. The changing faces feature is especially good as it allows you to take the face from another frame and replace one where the body or background is ideal, allowing you to get a perfect image time and time again. Unlike the iPhone panorama where you have to keep in line and continuously move your phone the Nokia lumia remembers where your last picture ended and creates a mark to line up your panorama creating a seamlessly beautiful picture - this taken at the beach.

Windows Phone_20140319_15_28_54_Panorama

The Pro camera helps you take amazing photos that you can zoom and focus. When I'm taking pictures of beauty products (see below), I like to focus on the name of the product. The Pro camera allowed me to blur out the background and get an SLR-looking image.

Windows Phone_20140319_12_32_25_Pro

All in all the Nokia Lumia 1020 has incredible benefits that outweigh the iPhone, but it all comes down to the user. As I own all Apple products, my iPhone works strategically well with these. Whereas, when you have a Windows phone there are a few compatibility issues (transferring photos easily etc). However, if you are thinking of getting a Windows phone then I believe the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a very strong contender.