Partying with Eleven Paris for SS14

IMG_7970 With every new season, there’s reason to celebrate and what better place to do so than at an Eleven Paris party(hint: they’re the best & we love them). I was present at the Carnaby Street store last Thursday to view the SS14 collection (as well as enjoy some drinks and food, as you do).

The 90’s reigned the catwalk during fashion week and it is evident that the designers behind Eleven Paris have followed suit, showcasing clothing that reminds me of a grungy 90’s past but with a modern twist.

SS14 contains more colour than I’m used to at Eleven Paris; blues, reds and greens as far as the eye can see featured in military patterns and with a heavy sports influence. The football jersey, an item that has received plenty of attention this year and also appeared in Tom Ford’s SS14 collection, has made a comeback and so has bomber jacket and yin/yang sign - unsurprising considering the brand’s well-known unisex style.

It wasn’t the first or biggest party of the year for Eleven Paris; the brand recently celebrated its 11th birthday in Paris and present was none other than supermodel and fashion icon, Kate Moss, who is the face of the SS14 campaign. Drop in at Selfridges to check out a range of exclusive designs including the ‘Moss 74’ sweatshirt (representing Kate’s birth year) and the iconic moustache t-shirt.

Unfortunately Kate wasn’t present at Thursday’s party but the shop was, as it always is during an Eleven Paris party, jam packed with the fashion folk of London – many of whom have now become familiar faces and are clear supporters of the brand - who enjoyed the complimentary nail bar; food; gin drinks and make up touch ups by Frankie.

But the party didn’t stop there…we continued on to Circus, the basement club around the corner, which oddly enough has a Pan Am flight theme (and even “checks in your luggage”) and had been decked out with drawings of Eleven Paris. There was plenty of bubbly. The rest is a blur. I can’t wait for next season!

Contributor: Almara Abgarian