Karl Lagerfeld or New Balance? Luxe or Faux?



I may very well be on a bit of a Karl Lagerfeld rampage today but I do love him very much, so I think it justifies it. My next point of call is the new Karl Lagerfeld trainers: I saw a few people tweeting about them over the past week but never actually looked into them and what they look like. My weekly Net-A-Porter newsletter brought them to my attention and I instantly fell in love. Not only are they the perfect shade of black, which is basically the only colour I wear, but they have leather, suede AND mesh materials. These 3 components together create an effortless, luxury finish on trainers and I think the leather adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole package. As soon as I saw them I knew I really wanted a pair and tried to justify the price tag by comparing them to my mesh Nikes which I got for £80 (no leather, no suede, no Lagerfeld!). But then, looking closely, you see how alike they are to New Balance's. I mean, if I saw someone walking down the street in these and didn't know anything about the Karl Lagerfeld version then I'd think they'd bought a fake pair of New Balance's. The K on the Karl Lagerfeld and the N on the New Balances are practically identical and I just cannot get over it. Take a look for yourself: Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 09.53.06image1xxl

So, would you splurge £250 on a pair of trainers that would only really make sense in the 'fashion world'?  Or is it not all about keeping up appearances? Regardless of it looking the same, I'm sure the Karl Lagerfeld trainers are much better quality - the materials alone stand for this. And there are obvious features that distinguish them from the New Balance. I'm not saying these trainers are completely identical. However, it is fairly apparent that there has been some kind of mimic on the New Balance trainers. But, if (like me) you do still love these KL trainers, you can get them from Net-A-Porter today!