Top hats you need to buy this Summer

Goodbye knitwear, it’s finally beginning to warm up. Before we know it the days of wind and rain will be gone and chances are, you’re going to need to update your hat collection. Here are 4 hat trends we’re riving to add to our list of summer must-haves.

The Floppy Hat  tumblr_mfpsi8A9Y61rwkjjno1_500 Because every diva needs one. Not only do they scream Cali cool, but they come in the form of large and obnoxious to the more demure, as well as a varied rainbow of neutrals. To complete your boho festival look, search for hats with added accessories such as feathers, or a braided band à la Vanessa Hudgens. Or go 100% Parisienne chic with an all black hat. What’s more, they genuinely fulfil the role of a hat and protect you from the sun, all without compromising your fashion conscious needs.

The Bucket Hat tumblr_n1mj2het1K1ttaq0so1_1280 The bucket hat could be considered the new kid on the block, and is a definite wardrobe essential for SS14. Not to mention they're pretty excellent at disguising a bad hair day. Embrace the So Cal skater trend by injecting some 90s sportswear into your hat collection. Sport your favourite brands and logos, or for a more playful look, search for colourful floral prints.

Five Panel
 Another essential if you really want to nail that skate culture look. Don't shy away from its boyish appearance, five panels can be the perfect contrast to a girly outfit. They're also not to be confused with the everyday snapback. They're flatter around the sides, often feature a rectangular logo on the front and a prominent strap at the back. They can be found in an array of amazing designs from galaxy prints, to florals and the more minimalist colour contrast. Tumblr offers ample amounts of styling inspiration on this tom boyish look, alternatively, take a peek on Kylie Jenner's Instagram where she can be seen rocking a HUF hat.
Baseball Cap
This summer the baseball cap is making its rise in the realm of high fashion. The key is to go simple. Try muted colours and interesting textures such as the sleek matte leather cap. Or take a note from Rihanna's stylist and add drama by attaching a DIY mesh to your cap. The more sophisticated, the better. So keep your outfit well put together, and pop on a cap for that sporty touch.
Contributor: Shama Nasinde, The Daily Mint