Your new saviour: Girl Meets Dress membership

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 18.36.16 We all know that feeling while browsing your favourite site, just for fun when you see a dress that would be perfect for your birthday when you’re cruelly snapped back to reality when you look at the price tag. This website provides what Vogue has called ‘The answer to our prayers’, by renting out designer dresses at the fraction of the price. has been up and running for a while, and if a monthly membership isn’t your thing then you can rent as you go.

However, the company has just launched a wonderful new scheme that allows you to rent any designer dress from their collection for just £39 a month.  With a massive 4,000 dresses from 150 designer brands (including Alexander McQueen and Hervé Leger) to choose from, everyone will find something for any occasion.

The idea truly is incredible, and means that anyone can get their dream dress for the evening. You can ask to try on three, and then send back the two you decide aren’t right. If you live in London delivery is same day, and they also provide next day delivery everywhere in the UK, so it’s guaranteed to arrive before your special event.

Contributor: Indie Opie-Meres