Restaurant review: Jackson + Rye

JacksonRye 434 Ever wondered what a slice of heaven tastes like? Bacon, that’s what. Or more specifically, the slab bacon side order at Jackson + Rye in Soho.

The American-style diner has an air of elegance with a rustic charm that offers something rare for a big city - it makes you feel at home. There’s not even a smidgeon of pretentiousness; the guests at Jackson + Rye are a refreshing mix of couples, families and groups of friends. No detail has been overlooked, everything from the wine bottle water jugs to the green leather bar stools, the excellent selection of whiskeys and the wood-paneled walls adds to the cosy diner look.

There’s a coat hanger at the door, along with a smiling hostess who guides guests to their seats, in my case a small round table by the window, giving me an excellent view of Soho. Jeans-clad waiters approach each guest with the same friendly manner and the excellent teamwork is evident, this operation is run smoothly with minor hick-ups (or if there are any I don’t notice, I’m too busy salivating over my coffee).  There’s no watered down half-ass (pardon the expression) coffee here, it’s smooth and heavy, made with a mixture of Guatemalan and Italian beans.

The food menu offers a wide selection of choices including the breakfast classic, Eggs Benedict as well as mouth watering choices such as Milk & Cookies, Cheese Melts and my breakfast choice, Buttermilk Pancakes served with maple syrup and banana cream. My guest goes with the Farmers Breakfast - fried eggs; slab bacon; fried potatoes; a herbed sausage patty and grilled toast.  Along with a side of creamed corn grits and some slab bacon and we’re good to go. And it is, as expected, delicious.

The pancakes are airy and light and complimented by the salty bacon (did I mention the amazing bacon?) that is perfectly cooked and slides apart gently, reminding me of strips of pulled pork. Everything at Jackson + Rye is made from scratch (they even whip the butter) and the meat is sourced from a local butcher, Nigel Fredericks in North West London.

All in all, it’s an almost fault-free meal. The only downside is the banana cream, which my guest falls in love with but to me, albeit being incredibly tasty has a slightly overpowering flavor.

Now go on. Get yourself over to Jackson + Rye. And don’t forget to order the slab bacon.

Contributor: Almara Abgarian