The Grammy's HOT list

The Grammy Awards were hosted Sunday night in LA, and the red carpet was filled with some mighty fierce looks. When it comes to the Grammy's, you never know what you're going to get. It's a split carpet between campy-fashion (see here) and solid good looks. Last night offered up great options in both realms, but let's examine the more stream-lined fashion which includes some personal bests! Starting off, with my latest girl crush: Rita Ora!

rita ora, lanvin, grammy awards, 2014
Rita Ora in Lanvin

Rita Ora looked especially glamorous last night wearing an interesting, and shiny, green Lanvin number. This green is so unusual! It's a mix of lime and silver, and is certainly dazzling. Rita usually wears full length gowns, but decided to go for a cocktail length - showing off her great legs. Her body is amazing and this dress showed that off perfectly! I'm also really loving her hair and makeup. Doesn't her hair look so smooth and healthy?

One complaint? The shoes. What in the heck are those shoes?!

alicia keys, armani prive, grammy awards
Alicia Keys in Armani Prive

The reason I loved this Armani Prive on Alicia Keys is how much it embraces her womanly curves. This gown, takes a lot of confidence to wear - and I'm happy to see Alicia has that much confidence! She's seriously beautiful and seriously talented. The royal blue works perfectly with her skintone. I only wish she went for bolder makeup. Her neutral makeup really kind of washes her out from the neck up, dramatically offsetting the vibrancy from the neck down. Killer dress though Alicia, and bod! No pun intended, but you definitely know you're worth as a woman ;) ;)

miranda lambert, pamella roland, grammy awards
Miranda Lambert in Pamella Roland

This is a personal best for Miranda Lambert in my opinion! I'm so glad she decided to go for a much sleeker, simpler cut dress - thus proving, that less is more! She's not looked this great, in well...ever? So happy to see her looking beautiful, happy and glowing. Red is a definitely a great color for her and this is one sexy little number. Has she lost weight? I think she has, and I say good for her! She looks great and is showing off her body in a sexy, yet elegant way. Also, I really love the retro hair.

kelly osbourne, badgley mischka, grammy awards
Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Micshka

Kelly Osbourne has been having a fantastic awards season this year, and last night's Badgley Mischka was no exception. I have to say, I'm really feeling a darker number from Badgley Mischka. It's nice to see them take an edgier direction. Kelly looks spot on in this. She's really learned how to dress and pose for her body. How fantastic does she look? And her hair looks so shiny and healthy, which is maybe unexpected but very true.

I'll never forget when I first saw Kelly Osbourne on MTV Cribs back in the day. She was giving a tour of her closet with hot hot pink hair. Oh how she's evolved since then! I'm proud of her growth and just have to give her props. Get it girl!

Taylor swift, gucci, grammy awards
Taylor Swift in Gucci

While it does pain me to see Taylor Swift slip back into her routine of slinky, shiny and neutral - I do have to commend Gucci for making a solid dress. This look just seems so tired to me from Taylor and I've really enjoyed her ventures into color lately - such as at the Golden Globes! But, while overdone, I can't deny that TSwift looks mighty fine. The gown fits her perfectly and her hair and makeup are on point. If Tay-Tay had a hammer, she'd definitely be hitting the nails right on the head.

amber heard, naeem khan, grammy awards
Amber Heard in Naeem Khan

Another personal best came from Amber Heard in golden Naeem Khan. Amber frequently ends up on 'Worst Dressed' lists it was quite a surprise to see her looking rather dignified and elegant! She also did what I so wish Lena Dunham did at the Golden Globes: she concealed her tattoos! Nothing ruins a great dress like tacky tattoos busting out in every direction. She covered her's up and looks seriously beautiful and like a real lady! I really love the way her gown and hair are working together. It's rather glowing and chic. Seriously seriously impressed by this. Definitely the biggest surprise of the night for me :)

And those are the elegant ladies of the Grammy Awards, are you ready to see the edgier (and at times whacky) looks that came out on the red carpet. Oh, you know you want to! See the Best-Worst Dressed of the night!

Contributor: Kelly Lund