Chanel Controversy

With couture fashion week over its time for the stylists to fight it out in order to claim the dresses for their leading ladies to parade down the red carpet in, but the big question is, will anyone be running down the red carpet?
Chanel opted for a more practical footwear option to compliment their beautiful couture collection this season. Models such as the infamous Cara Delevingne donned girly sneakers on their feet.
But what was the inspiration behind this? We know Mr Lagerfeld was the genius behind it but what was his thought process.
Maybe he's looking to compete with Givenchy to design a sneakers line for Nike but I think this is unlikely as it's been said that the couture trainers featured would only be available to a person if they were to purchase the Haute Couture outfit with which the sneakers were presented with - However, lucky for us Chanel fans, you will be able to get your hands on a very similar ready-to-wear version this Spring.

Choosing Cara as his leading lady was sure to grab attention as I feel she is the marmite of the modelling world and what grabbed my attention the most was the final walk. The audience was presented with Karl Lagerfeld and Cara in what appeared to be a bridal scene. The pair were followed by a young boy holding the couture dress out of Caras path so everyone could have a final glimpse at those controversial trainers. You could say Cara was portrayed as a 'runaway bride'.

Not everyone is a fan of the trainers on the runway but why not? As WGSN predicted it's time for de-extinction to become a trend and for the fashion world to be inventive with what they already have on offer. Some may see it as Karl's way of giving feet a break from the uncomfortable combination of hard pavement and 6 inch heels, some may see it as the rebirth of Lily Allen. But did we expect this from Karl? The person who sees wearing sweatpants as 'losing control of your life' and 'a sign of defeat'.
Personally, I support the 'practical' trend. If the snob of the fashion world says it's okay to embrace comfort and wear trainers then whose to tell us otherwise. However, I do think the suggested shin pad, elbow pad and bum bag trio took it to the next level, and a level that I don't think should be touched at Couture Fashion week and hopefully not the high street. '

Contributor: Sam Nelson