LCM: Christopher Shannon








The theme of the Christopher Shannon show was inspired by his some what unhappy childhood and what he called 'miserable books' that he has collected throughout his life. 70s track suits were modernised with new materials and oversized collars and pockets.There was a wide range of clothing including shorts, trousers, jackets, coats, jumpers and t-shirts which together provided a very versatile wardrobe. The similar boxy shapes and colours gave a motif to the collection allowing the clothes to be mixed and matched with other bits. The monochrome floral prints came directly from Shannon's books that he used as inspiration and really reminded me of your grandmother's curtain of tapestry sofa- in a good way! The bright oranges and blues made the the track suits more relevant for today which I thought was quite cool. One thing I didn't like about the collection was how it popularised cigarettes and tried to make them fashionable. I don't have a problem with smoking but I disliked the way Shannon made it look 'cool' and 'stylish'.