LCM: Christopher Kane AW14





Christopher Kane presented the world with his new obsession with science, and it’s clear to see why. The show featured bright prints, with a focus on orange and blue, and textured knit jumpers with diagrams of atoms imbedded in the wool.

As well as the more outlandish patterned jumpers, t-shirt/trouser combinations and tops, the collection featured some slick suits and thick woollen coats. Turtle-neck jumpers were layered under suits of similar colour, continuing the trend from last winter, and t shirts also sported bold prints in the more muted colour scheme of black and white.

The t-shirts, while sporting bold prints, were a classic box shape with longer than normal sleeves.

Continuing with the science theme, jumpers with different coloured arms and bodies were also shown, giving the look a Star trek vibe.

Hoodies and baggier trousers also made a small appearance, although not as much as we’ve seen in other shows this week.