LCM: Astrid Andersen AW14




Astrid Andersen is known for her slightly outlandish designs, and this season is no different. The collection is almost as if TLC’s boyfriends met Jesus, with long hair and bold bomber style jackets, the designs failed to disappoint. There’s a brilliant mix of silk shirts and jersey hoodies, and the collection literally does have something for everyone. Sports themed ensembles seemed to be the key ‘look’ of the day, and everything is grossly oversized creating that American ‘fresh prince’ basketball vibe.

Tracksuit bottoms featured heavily, with a mixture of grey and black colour ways. Either dressed up with a silvery (or turquoise) silk shirt or a matching hoodie, the designs managed to look classic and cool. Sports jerseys also played a part in the collection, which hallmark either the logo or numbers.

Mustard yellow, turquoise and grey seemed to be the main colours, and provided the classic shapes with a slight edge.

Astrid continued to push the boat out, featuring several more feminine cuts including an off the shoulder silk top and long silk button down tops.

Overall we love the collection and it’s whole androgynous basketball vibe.

Contributor: Indie Opie Meres