ghd Wonderland styler review & tutorial:*

282_image_1 Review: I was lucky enough to get my hands on the limited edition ghd Wonderland stylers! I've had the original ghd stylers for about 5 years and I use them everyday. However, the Wonderland stylers are even better! After a week of using them to straighten my hair, I've noticed that they don't snag as much as my older ones, have a longer cable and the spectrum, iridescent finish means they change colour in different lights - which is a brilliant aesthetic touch. We all love shiny new things, right? The only downside I felt about the Wonderland stylers was that they are not as hot as the previous models (although this is down to safety reasons, so I've heard). But when using them to straighten AND curl they worked just as well, if not better. The wonderland stylers claim to have:

  • black plates that glide effortlessly through your hair - yes, definitely, my hair feels as if it isn't being damaged as much and finishes a lot shinier than ever before.
  • contoured edges to give you perfect curls every time - I've never been able to achieve effortless curls the way I did with these, it took less than 20 minutes!
  • extra long cord & automatic sleep mode - yup.

Create a curled look on your short locks: haiiryoull need

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