GIVEAWAY: Balmain nail couture set*

Hey everyone!!It's nearing the end of 2013 now and I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads the blog. Whether you're a new or old follower, ANYONE can enter this giveaway as long as you follow all the instructions on our Facebook page. So, you have till January 1st to enter to win this LIMITED EDITION BALMAIN NAIL COUTURE SET. The set includes four, long lasting nail polishes in shades:

  • Noir: One of the most on trend colours of the moment, from catwalk to high street.  Go for the glossy black or for something a little more edgy, add the Matt  Top Coat and create either a total matt effect or why not just the tip to create a reverse matt French!
  • Rouge: Red a hot favourite, that is never out of fashion.  It’s bright, it’s shiny and it stylish, it’s compliments every outfit.
  • Nude: Elegant, fresh & timeless, nude will work with anything.  Go for high shine nude nail or add the Matt Top Coat to give it a modern twist.
  • Matt Top Coat: This entire nail couture collection can be changed up and enhanced but adding the top coat.  It changes the look from shiny to matt or subtle to dramatic, edgy to high fashion,   3 colours but 6 looks, the perfect addition to every nail couture wardrobe.

balmain giveaway

You have until January 1st 2014 (what a great way to start the new year). Good luck!