App of the day: Mallzee (Tinder for fashion)


mallzee Mallzee. The name of the iPhone app revolutionising the shopping experience, a name that will soon be known by every style hunter. We’ve all been there, repeatedly clicking next on a clothing website, trying to hunt down the perfect winter coat to no avail.

This latest app is designed with the avid shopper in mind, with its impressive ability to learn your individual style and respond with an array of clothes to suit your taste. Search over two million items of clothing? Mallzee can do that, all whilst being offered items from over 200 retailers including the much loved Asos, Urban Outfitters and Reiss.

If you can’t make a purchase without some feedback, don’t worry because with Mallzee you can share your selected items with your most trusted fellow shopper.  With its simplicity and effortlessness, this app is guaranteed addiction and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a ‘personal shopper’ in their pocket?

We've tried this app for the past week and can say that is great! Swipe left if you don't like something and swipe right to save it for later (this is the link made between itself and Tinder). The only problem we've had is that it is a little bit slow so may need some tweaks.

Try it out for yourself by downloading it from the app store here