Lauren Baker

In the midst of Christmas cheer, I went to a private viewing of Lauren Baker’s new art and multimedia show at the Hang-Up Gallery in East London, named You Blow My Mind - an exhibition in two parts, the Enchanted Afterlife series and The Storm. It also features collaboration between Lauren Baker and artist Sequin Kay.

Albeit being a private viewing for family, friends and private contacts, there were several hundred people present admiring Lauren’s work including striking antlers and skulls embellished with glittering Swarovski crystals, Peruvian inspired skulls (think Mexican Day of the Dead) and odd sculptures with gold plated and white colored fingers sticking out – all part of the Enchanted Afterlife series.

The Storm collection is not quite in my taste (they do say art is subjective), however it is extremely intriguing and artistic. Lauren has created something new and innovative, using light in an fascinating way with her 6ft infinity coffin - which is meant to represent the ‘white light’ that so many people say to have witnessed when dying and coming back to life.

The exhibition, which ‘explores the relationship between life, death and afterlife’ is not as intimidating as you might think but rather eye-catching.  And for someone who isn’t remotely a fan of color, I found myself favoring the skull with pink painted antlers.

However, the piece I was keeping my eye on was the black painted canvas with flashes of gold, green and purple. The texture of the canvas is rough with splatter of gold on black, creating a beautiful contrast and showcasing an amazing use of color. The painting is awe-inspiring; it’s the sort of piece I could actually spend thousands of pounds on (and proudly eat noodles for the remainder of the month).

Hang-Up Gallery, a new contemporary gallery in Stoke Newington which opened in 2012, will showcase the exhibition between 7th December until 24th of January and I highly recommend that you go and ‘get your mind blown’ by the talented Lauren Baker.

Contributor: Almara Abgarian