Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset So I don't usually do beauty reviews but I'm going to try to do more in the future. Kicking off this new category is a *BALMAIN HAIR* review?

Yes, Balmain have branched out into hair and beauty products meaning you can now get the same exuberant beauty and luscious locks that the models on the Balmain catwalk possess. The extensions have been given 5 star ratings and as someone who's previously worn woven extensions, I guess I'm quite a good person to review these products. I was lucky enough to be gifted the Balmain hair extension brush, texturizing salt spray and the silk perfume, all of which I now love and can't stop talking about! Not only is the packaging and general design beautiful, the products actually do what they say and exceeded my expectations.

Balmain Hair Brush:

balmainThe Balmain brush is the most exquisite large, white wooden brush with soft bristles. People with extensions (and even our natural hair) are recommended to use bristle brushes to ensure they don't snag or catch your extensions and natural hair. The other thing about using a bristle brush is that it truly brushes all the knots out of your hair and leaves it looking shiny and in its best condition. Balmain recommends you brush at the ends of the hair and make your way to the root. As mentioned previously, I have used Remy hair extensions that were weaved in. Because of this I am fully aware that this brush would be perfect to keep your extensions in great condition. During my trial I used it on my natural hair and can see a real improvement. I've been bleaching and dyeing my hair for the past few months so it's terribly damaged and the brush makes your hair fluffy and shiny after a few days. If you're looking for a cheaper but much more stylish alternative to the Mason Pearson brush then this is your product! You can buy it on the Balmain Hair site for £11.95

Silk Perfume: 

silkThe most amazing smell ever!! I literally could eat my hair every time I wear this. As the perfume is infused with Argan oil (we all know the endless positives of this) it leaves your hair looking shiny, healthy and smelling incredible - a fruit, summery scent. 'It is the final touch for models taking the catwalk or appearing in front of the camera'. The only bad thing I would say about this product is that it is quite hard to apply and to get the right amount. Sometimes I can spray far too much and end up looking like I haven't washed my hair for days! However, I am using it without the vaporizer which is available to buy on the website additionally. By the perfume here and the vaporizer here.

Texturizing Salt Spray:

saltI've been wanting to try out salt spray for years as I have that poker straight hair that no styling products can change. If you use it when your hair is wet it adds a lot of texture and definition to your hair. Or you can use it when styling your hair to make it voluminous. I had doubts that this would be very sticky and leave my hair looking full of product but its done the complete opposite; There are no signs of me wearing any styling products, just textured and big hair! Buy it here!

Overall I am incredibly impressed with the products from Balmain! There is a lot of negative comments surrounding fashion brands branching into beauty products but Balmain have really proved them wrong. Next to try is the extensions and the nail varnish gift set. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!