Winter Wonderland

winterwonderland It made my mouth water. It was inevitable. It was delicious. I’m talking about the food at Winter Wonderland of course, which has once again returned to London’s Hyde Park with its glowing lights and pulling you in with its promise of street food, Bavarian beer and mulled wine (all of which I enjoyed).

WW food

It was my second visit to London’s prime Christmas attraction, which opened on 22nd November and will be open every day apart from Christmas Day until 5th January. Thankfully, it seemed as if I’d chosen the right day to head to the park, as I wasn’t crammed in the usual crowds of tourists looking to experience what is marketed as ‘London’s Spectacular Christmas Destination’, although personally I believe the market is more German than anything else considering the vast amount of beer stalls and spicy German sausages served with sauerkraut.

shopping ww

The market itself was not as impressive as past years but it did offer shoppers the standard; luxury cheeses, lots and lots of tasty sweets, furry hats and knitted sweaters along with copious amounts of mulled cherry wine and warm cider. If you don’t mind standing in line and parting with your cash, you can also try ice-skating on the Lycamobile ice rink or one of the many rides! On certain days, Winter Wonderland also offers entertainment shows by Zippos Cirque Berserk and Christmas Circus.


I’m a definite Christmas fan - I can’t resist singing along to “All I want for Christmas” and stuffing my face full of good food (and feeling incredibly guilty afterwards…). My visit definitely put me in the holiday mood (or perhaps that was just the beer?) and I am now on official countdown until the day which will be filled with glorious gifts, cranberry sauce and turkey roast – only 19 days to go!

Contributor: Almara Abgarian