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Rings on rings on rings


Recently I've really been loving rings; I literally wear one on nearly every finger. Whether you opt to wear one ring or twenty, rings are such a fantastic way to add accessories to your outfit without the risk of possibly over doing it.
I love all types of crystals and precious stones so the Oscar de la Renta and the black volcanic Chloé ring are definitely two of my favourites. I also think the Michael Jackson and Tupac rings are probably the coolest rings I have ever seen. And they're only £25! Talk about a bargain.
Jewellery designer, Zara Simon did a collection celebrating famous cities and I just adore this gorgeously crafted ring of the London landscape.
What about you, are you a ring person? Which of these do you like the most?

Interesting Rings

Laser cut acrylic jewelry$41 -


Laser cut acrylic jewelry$41 -


Smith Grey carved rose ring$170 -


Oscar de la Renta


Bjørg cuff ring$375 -


Kenzo silver


Chloé kohl


Zara Simon gold bracelet$2,315 -


Marc by marc jacobs


Maria Francesca Pepe white gold ring$545 -