Monsoon & Accessorize SS14

IMG_7187 The press day for Monsoon and Accessorize's S/S 14 collections whisked you off to far flung destinations across the globe, and left you pining for summer! As soon as I stepped in, I was hit with a wall of colour, and believe me, I loved every second of it, and I know you guys will love the stuff coming at you next year too! You're all in for a real treat!

Firstly, let’s talk Accessorize! The collection is split into 6 mini collections, with each drawing inspiration from flowers and holiday destinations to create pieces that suit every occasion. Heritage beauty collides with clean modern influences; it’s a real mixture of subtle pieces that will turn heads, and loud accessories that can not be ignored! It’s also Accessorize’s 30th birthday next year, so happy birthday! A great flagship year for a great flagship collection!

What to expect: A whole range of stuff! There are some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean heritage looks, but spiced up to make it street-style worthy. Geometric collars, tribal influences, amber and gold and lots of texture. There are some incredibly ladylike investment bags you’ll cherish forever and Aztec weekender bags that you can keep everything in. Throw in a mix of leather classics, nautical blue and white stripes with a splash of zesty yellow, and understated sparkly pieces that are perfect for weddings and similar occasions. Turquoise and silver jewellery add a hippy vibe that relates back to true holiday style, with hints to ethnic grunge with tooth beads. Also, a sweet tooth is in order for the Sixties ‘California Girl’ pastels that will have you drooling, and finally, beach wear that would not look out of place at a Marrakech market.

My top picks and highlights: 3D flower pastel clutch bags, flamingos, a gold camera shaped bag that all of us bloggers fangirled over intensely, beautiful heavily gemmed and studded bags and jewellery, ethnic tassels, a stunning white and cream snakeskin bag, a black tote that could easily be mistaken for a Céline one and daisy print denim shorts that I can see going down very well. I also want to talk briefly about the much anticipated Gandy flip-flop collaboration! If you don’t know the story, two young brothers Rob and Paul were tragically orphaned in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. They decided to raise money to help orphans in less-developed countries by designing and selling flip-flops, with 100% of donations going to Gandys Foundation to help build orphanages, given orphans an education and keep them in good health. It’s an incredible story and it warms my heart that a big brand such as Accessorize wants to help!


Now onto Monsoon! In past collections, the clothing had been definitely categorised, and this showed when you went to buy something. However, this time the category lines are quite fuzzy; there are some great multi-tasking items that will see you through all sorts of different situations!

DAYWEAR What to expect: Heritage prints galore include tribal, paisley and floral, with clean silhouettes.

My top picks and highlights: Quilted and embroidered coats and boxy tops. Think how Victorian women would dress when they went abroad. Also, you know we had trophy jackets last season? Well, now its trophy skirts! Together they make the perfect skirt suit. Also, a lovely cream floral blazer, and studded jeans.

OCCASIONWEAR What to expect: Traditional Indian inspired dress with heavy embellishment, with floral and lace details to keep it fresh.

My top picks and highlights: Fringed (almost Gatsby like) details and cape silhouettes that don’t smother you.

BRIDAL What to expect: These bridal dresses seriously made me want to get married! The intricate lace patterns remind you of vintage dreams sprinkled with beading and tulle.

My top picks and highlights: Art Deco designs (imagine The Great Gatsby’s Daisy’s wedding dress).

BEACH What to expect: Light fabrics and boho prints in loose shapes.

My top picks and highlights: Tassels and some stunning embellished kaftans.

And one of the best things about these collections is that you don’t have to wait long for these items to start rolling out! They’ll start hitting a store near you very soon!

Contributor: Georgie Minter-Brown