Topman x SIBLING collaboration

British menswear brand Sibling appeared on the fashion scene in 2008 and since, the dream trio has changed the way we have seen menswear knitwear. Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery created a knitwear brand, which stands out amongst others with quirky designs and bright colourways making for a pleasant change from the somewhat mundane “classics”. Their humble attitude towards how they work (Cozette McCreery recently described the trio as “knitting away”) and their almost higgledy piggledy influences referred to as “wonderfully messed-up” by Cozette herself make for a fun and lighthearted approach to menswear.

This season, Topman and Sibling have collaborated on an exclusive 10-piece Christmas collection which proves that it is possible to look fresh in a Christmas jumper. The collection includes jumpers and polo necks, scarves and beanies with trendy little skulls with reindeer antler graphics as well as stripes and fairisle prints. Now you can finally say no to the ‘hand knitted by your grandparents’ jumpers that you pull out from the depths of your cupboard after a year of neglect! Prices range from £80 for a jumper, £40 for scarves and beanies at £20 so definitely worth it if you want to avoid the hideous knit dilemma we all face at Christmas.

Topman x Sibling debuts online on November 29 and launches in stores on December 10.

Contributor: Annabelle Morell-Coll