Jigsaw SS14 Press Day


Greeted by a lovely assistant who offered a drink and chicken pesto skewer, I arrived at the Jigsaw Spring/Summer 14 collection press day! It was clear of the intentions from the designers, bringing forward many of the styles and designs that are featured in the Winter collection but adding that little ray of sunshine. 2

Inspired by watercolours, the intricate patterns on some of the pieces were beautiful. They really captured the image of summer and are guaranteed to dazzle wherever you wear them! The menswear was inspired by the 1950's and the styles of the time. Ranging from suit jackets, cargo pants and the occasional tight-knit sweater, they included every aspect with a modern twist to keep up with the latest trends.


They have incorporated many of the different looks into both the women's and menswear to create that universal image for the traditional Jigsaw enthusiast. They have also recently delved into the world of jewellery and accessories, branching from 3% and aiming for 10% in the company, which featured beautifully in between the male and female outfits. They have a collection of stunning necklaces and gorgeous bracelets that would look amazing on anyone's neck or wrist.

4 Decorated with an array of flowers and carefully placed bouquets, the theme of Jigsaw shone throughout the store, which was situated on Dover Street. The centre-piece was a table filled with cases with bright coloured roses, daisies and fuschia.

Check out what is in the store at the moment here

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