The 'Power Couple' Coats

First up is for the men; This black trench from Zara is brilliant for finishing off any Winter look and will be sure to turn a few heads. Made from the finest wool, the coat is best for you office men that can create a beautiful minimalist look. A fitted suit, a patterned tie and this gorgeous coat will be the outfit of the day on the streets. The detachable lambskin fur collar is a great accessory to have. Guys are able to change their look by adding the collar to the coat and turning it into a fresh, innovative piece of outerwear. Alternatively, they could detach the collar to transform the jacket into a blazer style, superb for keeping that professional look.

Not only can this be used as a formal work coat, it can be used for cold nights out, paired with a chunky warm scarf to create the ultimate protection from the chilly winter nights that we have been promised. The style of looking smart has become a growing phenomenon with more and more men turning to dressing the part.  You're onto a guaranteed winner when buying this coat as it captures the epitome of Winter.

ZARA women_Fotor_CollageLeft: £129, Right: £239

And, of course, not forgetting the women; This checked duffle coat is absolutely flawless.

The vintage style duffle coat, or duffel as it should be written, is certainly one that has become increasingly more popular over the last few months, with it being a trend once again. Influenced by the fashion of the 50's and 60's, the style has been thrown back into the collections of the present day. This one in particular is a creation by the wondrous brains at Zara, incorporating a modern twist with the faux leather sleeves.

The body, mainly made from wool, holds the warmth that everyone longs for on brisk mornings on their way to work. The sleeves add a touch of modernity to the classic style coat. Even deep thought has gone into the pattern. Checked is also a trend that has come back into fashion, with more brands opting for spectacular squares to create the a unique look.

Contributor: Liam Pitts