Former creative director of Dazed & Confused, Mugler and Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichetti was the first stylist to take control of a leading fashion house; and now he’s the new artistic director at Diesel, taking the reigns with a tribute collection. Shot entirely by iPhone, the collection pays hommage to iconic pieces from the Diesel archives in Italy, with an emphasis on all things DIY and a rebel aesthetic. Think classic denim pieces embellished with retro patches, denim shirts customised with leather collars and studs, and a worn-in vintage wash. We got to meet the man himself at Diesel’s Covent Garden store, and find out the creative fuel behind his #DieselTribute  

Firstly, on your website you say that you “love to embrace new things” how is that reflected in the designs that you’ve done for diesel?
Well this tribute especially is really, mostly about the past; before I start doing my collection, which comes out in March. I want to contribute to the company, like a love letter. I found the most amazing patches and buttons and just wanted something very personal.
Do you think this is a reflection of your own style?
Yes, I love customising. It’s something that had personality. Denim and leather are very much the feel of the small collection I did for the tribute, but my collection in March is definitely bigger and a whole other language.
So why rocker in particular? What has inspired you, an era, a film, a person?
Lots of things combined. It’s the memories and a tribute to the past. The rock and roll era, the fifties, the eighties and all the films, the biker, rocker attitude; tattoo artists, Russian culture. I try not to go for one particular outlet, I like to jumble lots of things. I go on tumblr, mix them up.
Were you a fan of Diesel before this?
Of course, in the 90s’ it was the coolest thing ever, everyone was wearing it, other than the incredible clothes they had these incredible advertisements!
And finally, how would describe the collection is two words?
It’s DNA, Its LOVE.
Using the past to create something new. We’re looking forward to March, to see the full scope Formichetti’s vision for Diesel.

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