AllSaints Love

 photo AllSaintsallsheneedsisl_zps73e69675.gifAllSaints is one of the 'High street' shops I either love or loathe. Visits to the shop in past years have left me feeling uninspired and questioning it as a high street competitor.

Just like that of Reiss and Whistles, it is classed as high street but does come into a higher bracket. However, I can vouch that you're paying for quality when it comes to this high street brand. For someone who is constantly reading and blogging about luxury retail, finding a shop that can live up to the standards of designer quality at a fraction of the price is always a plus. A recent visit to the shop left me in awe and wanting to buy everything... I did however leave with an exquisite silk dress and a biker style leather gilet (seen in many of my pictures, I can't get enough of it at the moment). Because the gilet is made of super high quality, incredible cows leather, it is very very heavy and therefore great for the winter. I'm wearing it at the moment with thin jumpers or oversized shirts if its a hot day but as the weather gets every bit colder, I will be switching to thicker jumpers and scarves on top. Either way, its one of the easiest things to style and definitely in my top lifetime buys.

Since my purchases, I can't stop visiting the shop and looking on the website at everything I want in my wardrobe. It's one of those minimalist brands that just use the most luxurious fabrics you can't get enough of. See what I'm loving at the moment below:

all saint

I also stumbled across a fellow AllSaints lover (because of their leather); Tatjana Apukhtina is the name behind fashion illustration blog, Fashion Artista. She has also interned at AllSaints! See what she has to say about the brand, the fashion industry and everything else!

Do you feel its essential for others to go to University and get a degree if they wish to work in the fashion industry?

I think that a degree certainly helps a lot as it changes your mindset and you look at things from a more tactical perspective. However, I also think that in this industry, what is even more important than a degree, that’s work experience. That’s why everyone is so obsessed with getting internships and many fashion companies are using it to their own advantage.

What is your favourite thing/ what attracts you to the fashion industry? I love the diversity and the glamour of the fashion industry. It’s fun and it involves a vast majority of population. When I was working for AllSaints I was getting super excited when I saw random people on the street wearing AllSaints, it’s a nice feeling.

Are your illustrations just a hobby? My illustrations are my new venture and I want to take it beyond being a hobby. The next step will be paintings and a proper exhibition.

Your internship sounds incredibly interesting, what was the greatest thing you took away from it?  I think the most important thing I took away from it was that you have to be flexible with your planning – not everything always goes how you want it to be and you have to be prepared for that. Also, AllSaints opened my eyes with regard to PR as I’ve always been rather a Marketing person, but I realised how important PR is for any fashion company.

In regards to AllSaints clothes - they get a lot of criticism for being overpriced. Do you agree? 
No, I don’t think that the clothes are overpriced. The fabrics that the brand is using and the overall quality of the clothes justify the pricing. The problem is that many people still view AllSaints as a high street brand – in reality the brand is positioned somewhere between a high street retailer and a luxury brand. If you see AllSaints as a premium brand with premium quality and an amazing British heritage, the prices are actually not that high.

What's your favourite thing about British fashion? Who is your favourite British brand? My favorite thing in British fashion is the outerwear – at AllSaints its leather jackets, at Burberry its trench coats ( by the way, those are my 2 favorite British brands). I guess it’s part of the heritage in each successful British fashion brand, as they need to adjust to our “lovely” weather conditions.

I agree that it is incredibly hard to get internships, what do you think about the recent news that Conde Nast will be stopping their internships from 2014? Hmm… that’s a good question. On one hand, I absolutely believe that work experience is essential if you want to work in the fashion industry.  Therefore, it’s quite unfortunate as they are blocking new and fresh talent. On the other hand, most internships in fashion industry are unpaid and it’s really hard to survive working full time for free (especially if you live in London). And Conde Nast will need to hire proper paid employees who will do the work that has been previously done by an intern.