Arcadia SS14 Press Day

1457502_10153473754705245_498381644_n_FotorArcadia held their S/S 14 press day yesterday and they did not disappoint. To say the coming season will be bold is an understatement. Expect to see your S/S 14 wardrobe to be filled with even more beautiful pieces. Get ready for the bright colours (yes neon will be back!). Embellishment’s will be taking a new turn too. Imagine your favourite statement necklace but sewn onto your top and dress (and even shorts!).

In the early season, they will launch floral prints. But not in the pastel colours. The neon will hit the stores as early as March (with the main three colours being orange, yellow and pink).  As the season continues, Arcadia will release their summer collection which will be filled with prints inspired from Morocco.

If you thought your current statement collection could not possibly have any more bold pieces then let me be the first to tell you that that is not the case. Expect to see louder, bigger, brighter pieces (at prices that wont hurt your purse too much).

By Rohma Malik