01_7 They say it’s all about arriving in style. So you can imagine my delight when Escapism Magazine offered me a promo code which gave me free access to UBER, a luxury car service which took me to their launch party (the perks of being a fashion blogger!).

The charming driver, Abdul, dropped my friend and me off at INK, the newly opened club owned by Professor Green. Due to a double booking, I arrived fashionably late but just in time for the party, which was in full swing with everyone going strong on the dance floor. The club’s interior design was a visual treat with graffiti murals covering the walls and elevator, neon sculptures and an overall rough but stylish look. Trendy without being try-hard.

The launch was for the release of Escapism magazine’s snow sport special and some guests had taken to the theme, wearing ski hats and woollies (I was in a faux fur coat). As a happy coincidence I had stumbled across the issue the previous weekend and after reading only a few pages, I was hooked! I say this without being a big sports fan or the “outdoorsy” type.

The extensive issue is filled with inspirational stories from those who dare to do different, including an article on adventure junkie Tim Moss, whose current task is to travel around the world on a bike (adding to his previous achievements of climbing mountains in Kyrgyzstan, trekking across the Wahiba Sands desert and hiking around the UK on a £100 budget).

The magazine also features pieces on the best ski resorts, stylish sports gear and contains a ‘Travel Guru' to which readers can send in questions and ask for advice before heading off into the sunset. And it’s got something for everyone (meaning those of us without an overflowing bank account) - hopefully it will put you in a delightfully crazy and adventurous mood.

But hey, you don’t have to trek around the world with nothing but a well-packed rucksack, you could just do what I did – enjoy a good read and feel inspired!

Contributor: Almara Abgarian 

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