Andrew Majtenyi SS14: A modest man with a flair for fashion

Angel in London, with its ever-growing hub of activity, is home to designer Andrew Majtenyi’s shop. I arrived here on Thursday afternoon to view Andrew’s SS14 collection. My first thought? I wish I’d worn heels. The women who had assembled for the preview showcase were intimidatingly tall, glamorous and utterly female. Which is no surprise, considering the design of Andrew’s desirable items.

Having drawn inspiration from the Lamborghini Aventador,the new collection features soft and languid lines, focusing on female silhouettes and a set construction of shape which reflects both the car’s interior and exterior design.

Offering a sleek and sensual style, the designer has played around with his new collection, using neutral colors as his base and adding bursts of pink, yellow and blue – mainly in an abstract, futuristic print – to almost every piece, making it interesting and eye-catching.

Fashionably late to his own party (as is his right), Andrew arrives and is modest, friendly and eager to meet his guests. Albeit not a man of many words, he is definitely a man with a creative mind. He spoke of the somewhat unusual influence for his current line and how every part of the Lamborghini Aventador, from the style to the motor, has played a big role in his creation of this uber-modern collection which features soft jerseys, stretch woven satins and mesh fabrics with a sci-fi twist.

Sci-Fi is a recurring element in Andrew’s style and a secret source divulged that next years collection may have a heavy focus on metallic (you heard it here first!).







Lauren JohnstoneComment