Nuit Infinie de Chanel Holiday 2013 Collection

dba3bfce870f019126c9462562779980 Hello, everyone! Beauty guru Sophie here.

Today I'm back with another holiday release for the 2013 festive season, this time from the fabulous fashion house, Chanel. Their packaging, colours and frankly everything about them screams luxury, and this is yet another Chanel collection that I am utterly lusting after.

This collection features classic A/W tones - golds, reds and purples, in varying forms. It's the sort of make-up I adore, really. It's quite a big collection, with an eyeshadow quad, two cream shadows, a mascara, a liquid liner, a face powder, a blusher, two nail polishes and five lip products in total.

The Ombres Matelassées Charming eyeshadow palette has four shadows, each embossed with a gorgeous chequered effect. For me, this is one of the stars of the collection - they're my favourite tones to wear at this chilly time of year, and it's a different look to the standard Chanel quads, too. The classic Illusion d'Ombre shadows are released in two new limited edition shades - Initiation, a platinum bronze, and Fatal, a grey-toned purple. I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these, so they're definitely on my Christmas list! The mascara is running along a similar vein to other holiday collections this year, being more of a golden sparkly effect to add to another mascara. A gimmick to some, but I'm sure it looks gorgeous. The Chanel coloured mascaras were a big hit for their Summer collection (and sadly I didn't pick one up, boo), so I'm sure this formulation will be just as good.

Onto face products - there's only two in this collection. I say 'only', but they're both limited edition and to my knowledge, not repromotes. One is a face powder, or Poudre Universelle Libre, in Moon Light, which I believe is more of a highlight as it is described as 'illuminating peach beige'. The second face product is a blusher, or Joues Contraste (said in my best French, naturally) in Accent, which looks to be my kind of colour. Peachy pink at its finest.

Chanel Le Vernis nail polishes are always a hit in my book - I've never tried one that I didn't like, and the colours are usually really unique and beautiful. I don't believe the Nuit Infinie shades to be any different. Rouge Roubis is a ruby red, as the name suggests and is limited edition. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous red, so this will also be on my Christmas list! The second - Accessoire, is a deep reddish brown, and is a repromote.

Finally, the lip products! Like I said before, there are five in total. Three are their Rouge Allure lipsticks - I'm a big fan of this formula. Radieuse is a blue-toned pink, and is the only limited edition Rouge Allure. The other two - Indécise and Farouche - are both repromotes, and both a shimmery formulation too. The final two products of the collection are the Rouge Allure Velvet formula, which is matte. These are both limited edition, and they're going on my Christmas list too! La Précieuse is a matte vivid red, and La Désirée (the one I am lusting after the most), is a matte burgundy. I'm a huge dark lip fan at this time of year, aren't you?

Thanks for reading, and I hope I've got you wanting this collection as much as I do!

Until next time, and with lots of love,

Sophie, xo.

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