Swanfield Boutique Event

20131002-213732.jpg I can’t say no to a good fashion event and so I headed over to Swanfield, a pop up shop on Morning Lane, where I met with the designers and creators of the Swanfield Muse project: Katherine Pont, Cecilia Hammarborg and Karen Leung.

The shop may be small but it is full of chic pieces, both accessories and ready-to-wear. Swanfield also have a very successful website with a range of designers who all create clothes that are unique and inspiring and in a style that definitely fits at home in everyone’s favorite hipster part of London.

Some of the current designers on display include Angelique Piliere, Helen Delaney and Aya Nakagawa. Angelique, creator of Jour Blanc, showed me her collection of luxury scarves with prints that are rare and powerful, designed by Angelique herself and inspired by her graphic designer background. All of the scarves are 100% silk and of excellent quality - matching the price tag. But if you have the money to splurge, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

I also got chatting to Helen Delaney, co-creator of Electronic Sheep – a knitwear brand that she created with Brenda Aherne in 1999 and which has seen international success, especially in Japan. No surprise there, as the brand’s illustrative prints are inspired by a comic and as Helen herself explained, always tell a story. The brand doesn’t make a summer collection (due to the heavy material of which the clothes are made from) but have showcased their winter collections at Somerset House for several years.

Creators of Swanfield, Katherine Pont and Cecilia Hammarborg also had their own collections on display in the shop. Although having started the project together, along with their third partner, their collections have a very individual style. Katherine’s brand is distinctly elegant and sophisticated with the current collection made in textured cotton offcut material with cobalt prints (her high-waisted pleated shorts are on my to-buy list). Cecilia, a Swede just like myself, definitely shows off her Swedish roots in her designs - her knitwear pieces are even made in her home country – with a classic, modern style. The standout item in her A/W collection is the petroleum blue, low-slung coat in mohair wool-blend.

As was expected, I had a great time and I also bought a little something for myself, a pair of beautiful retro metal-rimmed cat eye sunglasses.

For more information on Swanfield, their designers or to browse their online shop go to http://www.swanfieldboutique.co.uk/

Contributor: Almara Abgarian





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