PFW: Valentino SS14

  When one thinks of Valentino, the thing that comes to mind is beautiful, delicate art. Each collection clearly states the amount of work gone into each individual garment (let alone the entire collection).

Not only is Valentino a well-established couture house, but its clients include celebrities (such as Anne Hathaway) and royalty (such as Princess Madeleine of Sweden). With such an impact in the world of fashion it is obvious that people expect a lot from this couture has.

It is equally impressive to think that it has never once crumbled under the immense pressure. This season, Valentino has once again launched a breath taking collection. The endless hours of hard work can be clearly seen on the beautiful garments that walked down the runway today at Fashion Week.

The silhouettes were mainly dresses and emphasised femininity to the extreme. Each piece had its own unique touch. Main colours included black, burgundy and brown. Each piece then had highlight colours (including cream,dark green and gold).

Not that many accessories were seen. However that is bound to be the case as no one would ever want to wear a Valentino and drag the attention away from it. The bags and shoes were simplistic and complimented each garment really well.

Overall Valentino has done it once again. Another beautiful collection has been created that is bound to inspire many.

Contributor: Rohma Malik