PFW: Kenzo SS14

Kenzi 2 Kenzo 1 Kenzo 3 Kenzo is known for its bold fabrics and loud garment pieces. However this catwalk was very calm (much like the waves of an ocean).

It began with a large waterfall appearing in the centre front of the stage. Music began and the centre of the catwalk was filled with (what seemed like large candle holders filled with water), water dancing to the beat.

Models appeared in synchronised lines behind the waterfall and remained there throughout the entire catwalk. From their right hand side, more models appeared. The first few garments were monochrome. This was shortly replaced with white and ocean blue garments.

Later, purple brown and yellow coloured the catwalk with its presence.

For Kenzo, their statement necklace of the coming S/S14 season is a choker necklace that resembles the chord of a telephone from the 1990's. Their bags are very simple and flow perfectly with their garments.

The shoes were all high heeled but looked a lot like the shoes you would find fishermen wearing in Japan.

It is clear that for Kenzo, their colour palette consists of three main colours (black, white and blue), with two main highlight colours (brown and yellow).

At the end of the show, the designers stated that their inspiration came from Blue Marine Foundation as they were "inspired by sustainable fishing and not having pollutions and how we live together with the ocean".

Contributor: Rohma Malik