MFW: Dolce & Gabbana SS14










Taking their inspiration once again from Sicily, Dolce and Gabbana have created a stunning collection mixing the earliest architecture with the modernist of fabrics, fits and looks. Using sepia prints of old photographs of the architecture centred around the ancient Greek influences over Sicily, this collection was not simply a statement of educating the audience, but one of beauty; to show where the island found its roots and how they can still be influential today, combining the graphic with the classic. Such prints featured on dresses, chiffon shirts and broken up across garments. The most prominent image used, the amphitheatre, reflects the desire that Dolce and Gabbana have to give their audience.

The use of golden coins as a print and as intricate detailing on belts, gladiator style. Detailing such as this gave the garments the classic Dolce and Gabbana style of combining hard, cold materials and fabrics, with the soft and delicate in colour and substance. This was seen to great effect on a black, long sleeved lace dress (hard element), which was decorated with the most beautifully delicate 3D roses in soft pink shades of bloom.

This combination of fresh spring blossom with the ancient guild of golden coins, column detailing on heels and structured print dresses really brought together all aspects of Dolce and Gabbana’s inspiration. With 77 looks in total, there was not one that did not wow.

Contributor: Sarah Stothard